“The Mission of Gruver ISD is to provide exceptional educational opportunities to every child in a safe and nurturing environment that will produce responsible, productive, and successful citizens.”




 We wanted to update everyone regarding the safety measures we are currently implementing at the High School (and soon to follow, at the Elementary).  As you may be aware, we have a number of gentlemen on campus drilling holes, pulling wires, and modifying doors.  The end goal is to increase the safety and security of our building, thus increase the safety and security of our students and staff.  

 Will the steps taken eliminate all possibilities of something bad occurring?  No.  Will there have to be an adjustment period to the steps taken which will at times cause delays and frustration?  Yes. 

 So why are we doing it? 

 For a couple of years parents, teachers, students, Board members, and community members have asked for steps be taken to improve school safety.  In fact, one of the top priorities from the High School staff during an in-service needs assessment meeting was “School Safety”.  It is not our intent to create confusion, but to simply help protect our most valuable resources:  our children. 

 Are the locked doors a first step to accomplishing this goal?  Yes.  Will we eventually become adjusted and acclimated to the changes?  Yes.  

 The biggest changes for the High School will be:

 All exterior doors will be locked during the school day (except for the Commons’ exterior doors which face West.  The South-facing exterior doors will be locked after school begins, so please enter the West doors whether you need to visit the Business Office or the High School Office.

  • The glass doors that separate the Commons and the High School hallway will be locked and require being let in by Mrs. Ward or Mr. Bryant (much like the current set-up at the Jr. High School).  GISD staff and emergency personnel (e.g. Sheriff’s Dept) will have fobs to allow entry, plus all current keys will continue to work on the exterior doors.
  • The North-facing door to the High School Gym will be locked at all times, but the key cards  and card reader will also continue to work.
  • In case of an emergency, the Business Office and the High School Office will have the capability to lock down the entire building (including the south-facing Commons’ doors) at the push of a button and law enforcement immediately notified.
  • In case of a fire, etc…all students and staff will be able to exit the building with no issues.

 This is a simplified overview of the system, but we do not want to share all of the details for safety reasons.  I would like to personally thank the School Board for considering this serious issue for the past year or two, being persistent, and helping develop the best, most economical plan that fits our needs.  Upon completion of the High School, the Elementary School will be next, and another update will be upcoming to inform you of what our plan is there. 

 As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Thank you and Go Lady Hounds and Hounds!!! 

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This is a recent advisory from the Surgeon General on E-Cigarettes. 



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Thank you!!!

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