Gruver Holiday Classic

Gruver Holiday Classic Sponsors
Posted on 11/28/2018

With the help of our great community, the Gruver Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament has been an outstanding success, and has become the premier tournament in the region.  The 2018 Gruver Holiday Classic, which will be held on December 27, 28, & 29, is set to be another great event.  We are also excited to welcome our new title sponsor, Ag Ingenuity.  This year’s tournament is currently scheduled to feature a 12 team bracket for the girls and a 15 team bracket for the boys.  As we have stated in past years, many people may not realize the expense of hosting a top notch varsity tournament over the Christmas Holidays.  There is “competition” to get teams to come to holiday tournaments.  The better the tournament, the more likely the tournament will succeed in following years.  A holiday tournament is not like the average tournament, there has to be a draw for teams to attend.  These include quality of teams, facilities, taking care of and feeding all the teams, etc.  Also, Gruver ISD’s desire in hosting this tournament is to bring many people in from out of town which will help local restaurants and businesses.  This tournament will also alleviate the travel and expenses incurred by the many families and supporters of our own athletes by allowing them to stay in town instead of traveling to another tournament for three or four days.

Tournament expenses the last several years have been around $27,000.00.  These expenses include, but are not limited to, officials, a meal for each team daily, trophies/awards, hospitality room for visiting coaches, administrators, and officials, janitorial services, etc.  We estimate that the gate receipts will continue to cover about 25-30% of these expenses.  Perhaps our largest increase in expense over the years is officiating fees, which the UIL increased quite a bit again this year.  This increase is a result of supply and demand and to hopefully help with the shortage of officials.

The sponsorships, along with the gate receipts, will be used to help offset the expenses of hosting the tournament.  We are again opening the tournament up for sponsorships from businesses, as well as individuals, and there are 4 different levels of sponsorship.


Gold Sponsor - $500.00

Sponsor will get a sign in the gym/commons during the tournament, a full page ad in the tournament program, 4 tournament passes, and a tournament gift.


Frankincense Sponsor - $250.00

Sponsor will get their name on a sign in the gym/commons during the tournament, a half page ad in the tournament program, and 2 tournament passes.


Myrrh Sponsor - $100.00

Sponsor will get their name on a sign in the gym/commons during the tournament, a quarter page ad in the tournament program, and 1 tournament pass.


Program Sponsor - $20.00

Sponsor will their name in the tournament program.


If you are interested in sponsoring the 2018 Gruver Holiday Classic please complete the attached form and/or contact Leticia Salazar at 806-733-2821.  Also, if you have any questions concerning the 2018 Gruver Holiday Classic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gruver Holiday Classic Sponsorship Form.pdf